Coronavirus News Update: Warning from Health Professionals

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The coronavirus pandemic has become more unpredictable, leading to an unexpected change in the number of cases since last week. Today’s coronavirus news update is all about new information from CDC and what might be about to come.


In This Article:

  1. Coronavirus News: A Sudden Spike in Cases
  2. Coronavirus News: Warning 
  3. Coronavirus News: What Might Come Next 

Coronavirus News Was It Wrong to Lift Restriction?

Coronavirus News: A Sudden Spike in Cases

For the past week, there has been a drastic change in the number of Covid cases; the US has recorded around 60,000 news cases. This has made President Joe Biden urge the state politicians to strengthen the health restrictions, including social distancing and mask-wearing obligations in public places. He also mentioned that by mid-April, 90% of American adults would be eligible to get a vaccine.


Coronavirus News: Warning

While Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the US public health agency director, The Centres for Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), said she was going “off script” as she was speaking at a White House briefing.

She also said: “I’m going to reflect on the recurring feeling I have of impending doom,” and “we have so much reason, for now, I’m scared.”

Dr. Walensky said that she would not want the United States to see another surge in cases and fatalities, as has occurred in several European countries. According to the CDC, new Covid cases have hit about 60,000 a day in the last week, reflecting a 7 percent spike. According to the New York Times, cases have risen particularly rapidly in Michigan and the country’s north-east, including Connecticut and New York.

Coronavirus News: What Might Come Next

President Joe Biden removes his face mask to speak | Coronavirus News Update: Warning from Health Professionals | Coronavirus News: What Might Come Next

As a result, in a television address from the White House, President Biden urged state governors to reintroduce legislation requiring men to wear masks. As the rules, policies, and restrictions regarding Coronavirus in the US vary from state to state, with some governors imposing much tighter controls than others. But as president Biden said, it’s not good to let our guard down as it will get far worse than it could get better.

He also listed the United States’ national vaccine campaign’s progress, saying that it was ahead of time. He promised that by April 19, 90 percent of American adults would be registered for a vaccine and would have access to a vaccination center five miles from their homes. And by May 1, all American adults will be able to register for a dose.

Thanks to the countless effort from the government and healthcare providers, more than one in every five adults and almost all Americans above the age of 65 are entirely vaccinated, according to the CDC.

The rules regulating who is registered differ by state, but in most countries, health care employees have long been allowed to get vaccinated, followed by people over the age of 65. According to the New York Times, over-16s will also have a dose in several states, including Georgia and Arizona.

President Biden urged and cheered on all Americans to “fight to the finish, don’t let up” by strictly following the guidelines on face coverings and social distancing.

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