Coronavirus News Update: Rough Time Ahead Despite the Increased Vaccine Distribution

medical workers delivering vaccine | Coronavirus News Update: Rough Time Ahead Despite the Increased Vaccine Distribution
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Thanks to the healthcare professionals and medical workers’ endless effort, an enormous number of vaccines have been produced in the past couple of months. Although we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we still have to navigate some rough times ahead. Read on to keep up with the latest coronavirus news and updates.


In This Article:

  1. Government and CDC Officials Thoughts on COVID-19 Vaccine
  2. The Precautions Help Schools Operate Normally
  3. Vaccine Effectiveness Against the New Variants

Coronavirus News Update: More People Are Getting Vaccinated in the near Future

Government and CDC Officials Thoughts on COVID-19 Vaccine

As the federal government promises more support for improved delivery of vaccinations against the coronavirus pandemic, the President and his officials remind Americans to continue to wear face covers and social distance for the remainder of winter and spring.

President Joe Biden said in an announcement: “The brutal truth is it’s going to take months before we can get the majority of Americans vaccinated. Months. In the next few months, masks, not vaccines, are the best defense against COVID-19”.

Dr. Leana Wen said there’s going to be a higher chance for you to spread the coronavirus through relatively safe daily activities such as going to the grocery store. She also added that reducing the number of times you go out shopping or attending crowded settings and wearing a better mask will be helpful.

According to the CDC, about 6% of the US population have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and about 3.5 million others are fully vaccinated. As Joe Biden has pushed for 100 million shots of the vaccine in the first 100 days of his presidency, he announced that the government would increase vaccine distribution to 10 million doses per week.

The Precautions Help Schools Operate Normally

kids in stripe rising hand | The Precautions Help Schools Operate Normally | Coronavirus News Update: Rough Time Ahead Despite the Increased Vaccine Distribution

According to CDC’s Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Report, K-12 school students can attend their classes normally with the right mitigation strategies. The study looks at more than 5,000 staff and students at 17 different schools in Wood County, Wisconsin.

Everyone there was told to stick with the social distance policy, limit time in shared indoor spaces, and wear masks at all times.

Each student was provided with three double or triple-layer masks. After 191 people tested for COVID-19 and the result returned positive, researchers found that the rates of spreading COVID-19 were 37% lower than in the surrounding community.


Vaccine Effectiveness Against the New Variants

Moderna claims its vaccine can protect against some coronavirus variants, which brings hope for the US and everyone in the world. In a coronavirus news update, Dr. Fauci said that the current vaccines for COVID-19 are likely to be effective against the new variants. However, he also added, “As you get more and more replication, you can get more and more of the evolution of mutants, which means you always have to be a step ahead of it.”

Moderna said their vaccine created the antibodies which neutralized the new variants first found in South Africa and the UK. But, there are concerns that the vaccine might have some impact in decreasing efficacy against the strain spotted in South Africa, and they are working to make booster shots to fight it.

Meanwhile, vaccines from Johnson & Johnson are being tested in the US, South Africa, and Brazil; the result could provide better insights into its effectiveness on the new variants.

Alex Gorsky, chief executive officer and chair of Johnson & Johnson’s board of directors, said the company hopes that the safety and efficacy data from previous trials can be useful for future data in Phase 3 trials.

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