Coronavirus News Update: Vaccination Progression and Mask Mandates

People-getting-covid-19-vaccine-close-up | feature | Coronavirus News Update: Vaccination Progression and Mask Mandates
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Since the release of the coronavirus vaccine, various changes have happened around the globe, all of which bring new hopes for a brighter future where we don’t have to worry about the number of cases going up. In today’s coronavirus news updates, let’s check how things are going.



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  1. Coronavirus News: Vaccination Statistic
  2. Coronavirus News: Restriction Is Still On


Coronavirus News Updates: Slow but Steady Improvements

Coronavirus News: Vaccination Statistic

A-woman-receives-the-new-one-shot-COVID-19-vaccine…at-a-vaccination-site-in-California | Coronavirus News Update: Vaccination Progression and Mask Mandates

As of the start of the week, anyone from the age of 16 is eligible to receive the vaccine in all states. According to data from the CDC, more than half of the adults have received their first dose.

President Joe Biden said in a video: “everyone is eligible, as of today, to get the vaccine” “We have enough of it. You need to be protected, and you need, in turn, to protect your neighbors and your family. So please, get the vaccine.”

Earlier this month, Biden moved up the deadline for states to open up vaccine eligibility to all adults. He has pledged that there will be adequate vaccine supply for every adult in the United States by the end of May, but this does not guarantee that every adult will be vaccinated by then.

And currently, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a quarter of all Americans have been entirely vaccinated against the coronavirus. Even though the number of vaccine doses being administered per day keeps rising steadily, which is a piece of excellent coronavirus news, so has the number of coronavirus cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.

About 3 million doses of vaccines are distributed each day in the U.S, and more than 67000 new cases arise every day.

Moderna and Pfizer were responsible for the vast number of vaccines used in the United States. The use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been put on hold due to the health authorities studying six cases of unusual and serious blood clots in women who took a single-dose injection.

According to the CDC director, Rochelle Wilensky said that the number of cases isn’t overwhelming, but they’re looking into a “handful” of additional rare blood clot reports.


Coronavirus News: Restriction Is Still On

A new mask mandate went into effect on February 1st, after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requested that masks are worn when using any mode of public transit or within any transportation hub. The mandate came after President Joe Biden’s instructions on Day One and Day Two to wear masks in all federal offices, on all federal property, and while traveling.

While Biden’s Day One executive order contained a provision on “encouraging masking across America,” it is still up to state governments to enforce broader mask mandates than travel and federally owned lands.


As a countermeasure during the coronavirus pandemic, face coverings are required by law in the majority of US states and territories. Along with public health advocates, most governors – including those who have reversed their earlier positions on masks since COVID-19 cases have risen in their states – firmly advocate for the use of face masks independent of a state mandate.

According to a study from the CDC, The 24 countries with mandatory mask mandates had an overall decline in COVID-19 cases, while the 81 counties that did not have mask mandates reported a spike in cases.

The specifics vary in places where mask decrees are in effect. Some states simply mandate a face covering if a person leaves his or her home, while others include specific guidelines about where masks must be worn. According to the CDC and additional state guidance, children under two do not wear masks in all states with mandates, although other age limits differ.


The followings are some of the states and territories which apply mask mandates:

  • West Virginia
  • Puerto Rico
  • Guam
  • Pennsylvania
  • Colorado
  • Calif
  • Delaware
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • New Mexico
  • North Carolina
  • Oregon
  • Ohio
  • Etc.

However, there are some states and territories that refuse to apply the mask mandates:

  • South Carolina
  • North and South Dakota
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Wyoming
  • Alaska
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Oklahoma
  • Wisconsin
  • Nebraska
  • Etc.

Even though the vaccines have been distributed gradually, and a fair amount of the whole population has been fully vaccinated, loosening up or lifting the restrictions and public health prevention measures will be a fatal mistake as there’s no telling what might become of the current coronavirus. The answer to questions like: “what will the virus react to the vaccine later?” “How long will the effects of vaccines last?”, or “will the new variant be able to overcome the vaccines?” is still in the unknown.


Let us know your personal experience and pandemic story in the comment section below! 

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