Coronavirus News Update: Fake Vaccine Card Warnings, Reopening Preparation

Long Line of People implemented social distancing | Feature | Coronavirus News Update: Fake Vaccine Card Warnings, Reopening Preparation
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Many cities and states are considering removing the mask mandates and health restrictions for those who have been fully vaccinated. However, this is not a very wise choice as this has raised a number of concerns surrounding the vaccine cards. Let’s check out the matter in today’s coronavirus news update.



In This Article:

  1. A Brief Overview of Illinois 
  2. Fake Vaccine Card Warnings 
  3. Reopening Preparation
  4. Mask Mandate Updates and Recommendations


Coronavirus News: What Needs to Be Done Before Reopening

A Brief Overview of Illinois

Medical mask with the flag of Illinois in the hand…r, flat lay. Coronavirus infection COVID-19 | Coronavirus News Update: Fake Vaccine Card Warnings, Reopening Preparation

Illinois health officials recorded 1,108 new confirmed and probable coronavirus infections and 43 more deaths in the past day, and more than 76,000 immunizations provided. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, the newly reported coronavirus cases increase the state total to 1,374,565 cases since the pandemic began, bringing the overall death toll to 22,599 people.

According to IDPH statistics, the statewide positivity rate increased slightly to 2.3 percent of all tests yielding positive findings. In comparison, the positivity rate for persons tested in the previous seven years stayed at 2.8 percent.

According to the most recent statistics, the state recorded 76,652 immunizations provided the previous day, increasing the seven-day rolling average of vaccines delivered to 74,487 doses.



Fake Vaccine Card Warnings

A woman get vaccinated | Coronavirus News Update: Fake Vaccine Card Warnings, Reopening Preparation

Concerns about fake vaccine cards are growing as many people question whether COVID vaccine cards will be required as evidence of immunization now that masking standards have changed.

The number of searches for counterfeit cards has increased after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revised its masking guidelines to enable fully vaccinated persons to go maskless in most circumstances. According to Google Trends, searches for “fake vaccination cards” increased last week in Illinois following the CDC’s release and then increased again with Illinois’ masked update.


Reopening Preparation

People join festival amid covid 19 pandemic | Coronavirus News Update: Fake Vaccine Card Warnings, Reopening Preparation

Unless COVID-19 data significantly improves, Illinois might relax all capacity restrictions and restore its economy as soon as June 11. According to state officials, the next Phase will eliminate capacity limitations and limitations from all sectors of the economy, with “businesses, schools, and recreation resuming regular operations with improved safety instructions and procedures.”

In addition, according to the IDPH, large events, including festivals and conventions, will be able to resume. As a result, this could lead to various potential problems, such as another spike in the number of cases or the development of new variants.


Mask Mandate Updates and Recommendations

People wear masks while talking with each other | Coronavirus News Update: Fake Vaccine Card Warnings, Reopening Preparation

Following similar revisions from the state of Illinois and new recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Chicago will no longer need masks for fully vaccinated persons in most circumstances.

“If you are not completely vaccinated, you must continue to wear your mask in all indoor situations,” the Chicago Department of Public Health stated in a release Tuesday. According to the city, masks will still be needed for all citizens, regardless of vaccination status, in health care facilities, schools, correctional/congregate settings, and on public transit.

However, businesses around the state are still suggested to keep the mask mandates as lifting the health restrictions can lead to unexpected outbreaks. The city’s new guidelines no longer require fully vaccinated persons to wear facial coverings, save in specified areas like schools and health care settings, as well as on public transit. Businesses and structures, on the other hand, will have the option of continuing to require them.

Even when you’re fully vaccinated, you might still need to wear a mask or face coverings; according to the CDC and IDPH, fully vaccinated persons should:

  • Follow the CDC’s and your local health department’s travel regulations and recommendations.
  • If you are suffering COVID-19 symptoms, get checked.
  • If you travel, you must still wear a mask on trains, flights, buses, and other kinds of public transport entering, inside, or leaving the United States, as well as at U.S. transportation hubs such as airports and railway stations.
  • Wear masks indoors places such as daycare centers, schools, homeless shelters, and correctional facilities.


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