Coronavirus News Update: The Covid Resilience Ranking

coronavirus-3D-view | Feature | Coronavirus News Update: The Covid Resilience Ranking
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On a daily basis, we see the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the terrible numbers of deaths around the world. But have you ever wondered which are the best and worst places to be, and what lies behind the data? Stream MD takes a look at some of the data and a look inside Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking.

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In this article:

  1. Coronavirus News Update: What Is Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking
  2. Coronavirus News Update: Recent Rankings

Coronavirus News Update: Where Are the Best and Worst Places to Be in Covid?

What Is Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking

The-Covid-Resilience-Ranking-image-of-Infected-patient-in-quarantine-lying-in-bed | What Is Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking | Coronavirus News Update: The Covid Resilience Ranking

Control of spread and quality of life varies in different countries. How each country views how they are handling disruptions and how successful they are at containment will undoubtedly be reported in different lights.

Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking looks at how the pandemic is playing out in 53 major economies. While it’s still a subjective measure, it captures fairly and comprehensively the best and worst places to live and work right now.

Eleven components make up the ranking, which was decided by asking three fundamental questions:

  • How complete is the data?
  • How current is the data?
  • Who collects the data?

The data table and ranking take the following into account:

  • growth in virus cases
  • 1-month cases per 100,000
  • 1-month fatality rate
  • overall mortality rate (total deaths per 1 million)
  • positive test rate
  • testing capabilities
  • access to covid vaccines
  • the capacity of the local health-care system
  • impact of virus-related restrictions on the economy, e.g., lockdown
  • citizens’ freedom of movement
  • doses given per 100

Only 53 economies were decided on for brevity and relevance purposes and limited to economies valued over $200 billion (before the pandemic).

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Recent Rankings

people-wearing-mask-to-avoide-virus | Recent Rankings | Coronavirus News Update: The Covid Resilience Ranking

Some countries have defied expectations, particularly some developing nations, like Vietnam (currently up to no. 10), which have surprised the world and almost eliminated the virus.

New Zealand has consistently remained at the top despite not yet starting to vaccinate its citizens. Success lies in closing their borders, resulting in near-elimination of the virus locally, and they have four vaccine deals.

Mexico is currently at number 53. Recent record-high fatalities and their President testing positive for COVID-19 have impacted results.

America has ranked below average mainly because of high fatality rates.

The world is watching U.A.E. and Isreal, who is leading the world in inoculating against the virus. As a result, they have surged up the table because of the fast-paced rollouts, with as many as 40 doses given out per 100 people. It remains to be seen if the vaccine frontrunners will start climbing the table, but watch this space!

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