Coronavirus News Update: America’s New Pandemic Plan

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President-elect, Joe Biden, has committed to take action against the pandemic from day one. Read all about his plans in our coronavirus news update: America’s new pandemic plan.

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Coronavirus News: America’s New Pandemic Plan: Summary of Biden’s Plans

A new surge in coronavirus cases gave Biden a mandate to take action, and his acceptance speech echoed his dedication to taking control of the virus. 

 “I want everyone — everyone — to know on Day 1, we’re going to put our plan to control this virus into action,” Biden said.

The president-elect went on to say, “I will name a group of leading scientists and experts as transition advisers to help take the Biden-Harris COVID plan and convert it into an action blueprint that starts on Jan. 20, 2021,” 


Summary of Biden’s Plans:

Help People Get Health Cover

Almost eight million Americans who were laid off during the pandemic have lost their employer-backed health insurance cover. As well as individuals not being insured, around seven million dependents are also without cover.

Biden proposes to protect Obamacare and cover the costs of COBRA coverage for the duration of the crisis. That would mean when people lose their jobs, 100% of employer-based health insurance would be paid for by the federal government. 

Strengthen the Affordable Care Act

Biden plans to push for expanded coverage through more eligible premium subsidies. The President-elect also wants to widen Medicaid starting from age 60 (not 65) and in the states that have yet to administer it.


Slow Down Community Spread

A woman is fixing her mask-ca | Coronavirus News Update: America’s New Pandemic Plan | Slow Down Community Spread

Under Biden’s pandemic plan, the CDC will provide more specific guidance by creating a national dashboard of information. The framework will include things such as gathering sizes, stay-at-home restrictions, and how to open for schools and businesses.  

Biden has already vowed to push for more mask-wearing in public and said he would work with governors from each state to make mask-wearing mandatory.

“First, I’ll go to every governor and urge them to mandate mask-wearing in their states, and, if they refuse, I’ll go to the mayors and county executives and get local mask requirements in place nationwide,” the President-elect said. 


Planned Vaccine Distribution 

A doctor is holding blood tube-ca | Coronavirus News Update: America’s New Pandemic Plan | Planned Vaccine Distribution

Biden, and his team, pledge $25 billion to boost vaccine manufacturing and have a solid plan for distribution so that everyone who wants it gets it, at no cost to them.

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More Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Production

After the inauguration, Biden has said he will use the Defense Production Act to ensure the supply of shields and facemasks exceeds demand and ramp up production of PPE. The team will combat the current PPE shortages to ensure critical supplies are replenished “rather than leave states, cities, tribes, and territories to fend for themselves.”


Free Tests for Everyone

Doctor is having a check with patient-ca. | Coronavirus News Update: America’s New Pandemic Plan | Free Tests for Everyone

Biden has pledged increasing access to testing and testing capacity. He wants to make sure that everyone who needs a test can get one and the turnaround time to improve. 

The goal is to “ensure that all Americans have access to reliable and free testing,” whether or not they have health insurance. 

“We should be investigating a great deal more money in testing and tracing… it’s not enough to know in seven days or five days or three days whether or not you have COVID,” Biden said recently.

Biden wants to increase drive-through testing sites and invest in better testing, including instant tests and home tests, which are not yet approved by the FDA. 


Hire More Healthcare Workers

Biden wants healthcare departments and local communities to support people with challenges they face during the pandemic, such as affordable housing and food shortages. 

As families are struggling to look after dependents and provide affordable care, Biden’s plans include working with individual states to improve Medicare access, expand caregiving, and support caregivers. This will be achieved through better access to preschool and improving benefits.

The Biden team has pledged 100,000 Americans, or more if necessary, to work with local organizations for better health services, including contact tracing.

Trump’s handling of the coronavirus was seen as a key factor in Biden’s win. While the U.S. makes up approximately 4% of the world’s population, it has had approximately 20% of all COVID-19 cases. Although Biden believes the pandemic won’t end anytime soon, he will put together a pandemic task force of scientists and medical professionals, not politicians, as soon as possible to start the critical task of fighting the coronavirus. 


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